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I. Multiple Choice 20 points   2¢×10

1. The region, ________ with copper, tin and coal mines, is also rich in natural resources.

   A. pocked  B. being pocked  C. pocking    D. having been pocked

2. ________ the devastating earthquake two years ago that killed 87,000 in neighboring Sichuan Province, many buildings collapsed, including schools.

A. As to  B. As for   C. As with    D. As of

3. A message on a software company Web site registered to Stack_________ a suicide note.

A. looks as   B. believes to be   C. seems as      D. appears to be

4. Now to the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, it was one year ago today the storm ________ the U.S. Gulf Coast ripping families and entire communities apart..

A. attacked   B. swept across     C. ploughed into     D. destroyed

5. Today the President said it________ take years not months to bring the region back..

A. will   B. would  C. will have to   D. would have to

6. More than eighteen hundred________ and hundreds are still unaccounted for..
A. dead      B. were dead     C. died     D. die

7. While no formal charges _________ against him, the chairman apologized for causing concern to the public and the media.

   A. were made     B. were being made    C. made      D. had been made

8. Safety experts suggested that an on-board warning system already in use in hundreds of airplanes ____________ the crash.

   A. will have prevented     B. may have prevented    C. could have prevented          D. should prevent  

9. Italy’s Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, not for the first time ___________ in Italian courts on corruption charges..

A.  is being pursued    B. is pursued     C. was being pursued    D. has been pursued

10. Damage estimates ________in excess of eighty billion dollars .

A.   has been      B. run     C.  was running    D. runs

II.  Fill in the blanks with proper word forms as shown below  20 points   1¢×20

    e.g. She looked at her sister with envy and hatred  (hate)

1.      In the same broadcast, an officer in the Chinese Army said that the road to the airport was__________. (pass)

2.      Many villages ________ well above 16,000 feet, with freezing temperatures not uncommon in mid-April. (sit)

3.      "I saw it written once that the definition of _________is repeating the same process over and over and expecting the outcome to suddenly be different," the online message said. (insane)

4.      New Orleans. The city’s protected levees were breached and eighty percent of the city was _________ for weeks. (flood)

5.      Just before Katrina six in ten Americans considered Mr. Bush a strong and ___________ leader,… (decide)

6.      Mr. Bush moves on to New Orleans, Louisiana where he admits the __________ effort is much slower. (recover)

7.      At 3:00 pm there’ll be a jazz funeral from the convention center to the superdome. Thousands of people spent days at those two sites living in ___________ conditions.  (shock)

8.      Hyundai Motors chairman, CHUNG MONG KOO cut short a business trip to face possible ___________. (question)

9.      The Hyundai dynasty started with the late __________ CHUNG JUN YUNG who was instrumental in building one of the biggest conglomerates in the country. (found)

10.  The __________ discussion between the air traffic controllers and the flight crew were about a take-off from runway 22. (plan)

11.  The bodies of all 49 victims now have been recovered from the burned fuselage, and _____________ is underway. (identify)

12.  There were no ___________ that crew members applied the brakes or the thrust reversers to slow down. (indicate)

13.  Keith Madison, a baseball coach at the University of Kentucky, fielded calls from young men numb with __________ over the death of their former teammate Jonathan Hooker, 27, the groom in Saturday’s wedding. (belief)

14.  Prosecutors allege the money was _________ from Italy.  (route)

15.  If formal charges are made, it would add new __________ and abuse of power allegations to the prime minister's already lengthy legal docket. (bribe)

16.  Up to now, Berlusconi had been asked to _________ in the case, but had not been implicated in any wrongdoing. (test)

17.  And, has Mills ever used his political connections to __________ his business interests? (further)

18.  The time from the beginning of the takeoff roll until impact was 29 seconds, and there was no ___________ from the lone tower controller on duty. (warn)

19.  The NTSB put runway incursions on its 2006 list of most urgently needed _________ improvements, citing the need for warning systems. (safe)

20.  The bodies of all 49 victims now have been recovered from the _________ fuselage, and identification is underway. (burn)

III.  Define the following underlined words or expressions  (20 points   1¢×20)

1.       Officials said that rescue efforts were stymied by a lack of heavy equipment.

2.       In its current form it represents the culmination of 20 years of experience in the software development consulting business.

3.       In the long message, the writer rails against the government and, particularly, the Internal Revenue Service.

4.       Katrina exposed issues of race and poverty and it brought one of America’s biggest and most charming cities to its knees.

5.       Mr. Bush says the one hundred ten billion dollars in federal aid allocated for Gulf Coast recover is robust.

6.       Last month, a lobbyist was arrested on charges of receiving money from conglomerates to bribe government officials,…

7.       The stakes are already high. KIA and HYUNDAI are aggressively expanding overseas, with new plants sprouting out not only in the US, but in China, India and east Europe.

8.       The city’s protected levees were breached and eighty percent of the city was flooded for weeks. More than eighteen hundred died and hundreds are still unaccounted for.


The Presidents’ image as a strong leader took a big hit after the hurricane and has never recovered.

10.   President Bush is trying to convince the American people he is still committed to bringing the Gulf Coat back.

11.   Many Americans blame the US President for some of the blunders. 

12.   Prosecutors are investigating whether the country’s largest car maker created slush funds to bribe government officials.

13.   The results have sent ripples beyond Italy's borders: In the space of one week, ratings agency Standard & Poor's downgraded Italy's sovereign debt,.

14.   The outcome of all these investigations is expected to seriously affect whether the CHUNG family as well as the Hyundai Motor Group stay on the road to global success.

15.   As you know, the FDR and evidence on scene indicates the crew took off from runway 26.

16.   The Air Line Pilots Association says an overhaul of rules governing how long and how often a crew can fly is long overdue.

17.   So this was not a man who cut corners. He was very detail-oriented.

18.   But so far, there is no indication that will take place as the beleaguered prime minister reaches the three-quarter century mark, as Berlusconi focuses on efforts to hold his fractured government coalition together and avoid criminal prosecution.

19.   Italian prosecutors say money was transferred, ever so discreetly, through a range of off-shore accounts.

20.   "It is mortifying to witness behaviors that not only runs counter to the public decorum but is intrinsically sad and holly," said Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco.

IV.  Read and Compare  ( 30 points )

Reading A    

[1] AUSTIN, Tex. — Leaving behind a rant against the government, big business and particularly the tax system, a computer engineer smashed a small aircraft into an office building where nearly 200 employees of the Internal Revenue Service were starting their workday Thursday morning, the authorities said.

[2] The pilot, identified as Andrew Joseph Stack III, 53, of north Austin, apparently died in the crash, and one other person was unaccounted for. Late Thursday, two bodies were pulled from the site, though the authorities would not discuss the identities of those found, the Associated Press reported. Two serious injuries were also reported in the crash and subsequent fire, which initially inspired fears of a terrorist attack and drew nationwide attention.

[3] But in place of the typical portrait of a terrorist driven by ideology, Mr. Stack was described as generally easygoing, a talented amateur musician with marital troubles and a maddening grudge against the tax authorities.

[4] “I knew Joe had a hang-up with the I.R.S. on account of them breaking him, taking his savings away,” said Jack Cook, the stepfather of Mr. Stack’s wife, in a telephone interview from his home in Oklahoma. “And that’s undoubtedly the reason he flew the airplane against that building. Not to kill people, but just to damage the I.R.S.”

[5] Within hours of the crash, before the death or even the identity of the pilot had been confirmed, officials ruled out any connection to terrorist groups or causes.

[6] “The main thing I want to put out there is that this is an isolated incident here; there is no cause for alarm,” said the Austin police chief, Art Acevedo, in a televised news conference at midday. Asked how he could be sure, Mr. Acevedo said, “You have to take my word at it, don’t you?”

[7] As the Department of Homeland Security opened an investigation and President Obama received a briefing from his counterterrorism adviser, John O. Brennan, federal officials emphasized the same message, describing the case as a criminal inquiry.

[8] Since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the notion of terrorists using small airplanes to crash into buildings has raised a special sort of public anxiety. That was the initial reaction in 2006, when a New York Yankees pitcher and his flight instructor died in a crash in Manhattan. On Thursday the North American Aerospace Defense Command sent two F-16 aircraft to patrol the area before it was determined that the crash was the work of one man.

[9] Mr. Stack’s aircraft, a single-engine fixed-wing Piper PA-28-236 registered in California, took off from Georgetown Municipal Airport, about 25 miles north of Austin, at 9:40 a.m., the Federal Aviation Administration said.

[10] At 9:56, the plane tore through a seven-story office building at 9430 Research Boulevard, about seven miles northwest of the State Capitol, local authorities said. Flames and smoke engulfed the building, sending big black burned panels to the ground. Emergency medical officials said two men were injured, both in the fire. One was transported to a burn unit in San Antonio. A third office worker was described only as unaccounted for.

[11] Aside from the I.R.S., private organizations including an education center affiliated with St. Edward’s University maintain offices in the building, according to address records. The local office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is in a separate part of the complex.

[12] “We can confirm that the building that the plane hit this morning includes I.R.S. offices,” said Terry L. Lemons, a spokesman for the agency. “We have about 190 employees that work at those offices. We’re still in the process of accounting for everyone.”

[13] In a six-page statement signed “Joe Stack (1956-2010)” and posted on a Web site connected to Mr. Stack’s wife, the author singled out the tax agency as a source of suicidal rage, concluding, “Well, Mr. Big Brother I.R.S. man, let’s try something different, take my pound of flesh and sleep well.”

[14] Though profane at points, the statement articulated grievances with specific sections of the tax code, corporations, politicians and a local accountant. It appeared to have been written with some deliberation. At one point, the verbs “left” and “abandoned” appear side by side, seemingly an editing choice never settled.

[15] From relatives, friends and neighbors, a portrait emerged of Mr. Stack as a man pushed over the brink by retirement dreams deferred by a long series of financial setbacks.

[16] By the account of Mr. Cook, Mr. Stack was raised in an orphanage in Hershey, Pa., with a brother and sister, leaving the orphanage after high school to attend college. He worked as a software engineer in California, learned to fly and played guitar and piano for recreation. He moved to Austin, playing with a band and at informal gatherings.

[17] Mr. Stack met Mr. Cook’s stepdaughter, the former Sheryl Housh, through musician friends in Austin. After eight months of friendship, they dated and married about three years ago. Both had been previously married.

[18] Mrs. Stack, 50, listed in records at the University of Texas as a graduate student in music performance, brought her own back story to the marriage, having spent several years in the sway of a religious cult before her parents orchestrated a rescue.

[19] On visits to Oklahoma, Mr. Stack took his new in-laws up in his plane. He never spoke of his troubles with the I.R.S., though his wife related them. The family assembled in Austin at Christmas, and Mr. Stack seemed fine, Mr. Cook said.

[20] But in recent weeks Mrs. Stack complained to her parents of an increasingly frightening anger in her husband, straining the marriage, Mr. Cook said. On Wednesday night, Mrs. Stack took her 12-year-old daughter, Margaux, to a hotel to get away from her husband.

[21] They returned on Thursday morning to find their house ablaze, their belongings destroyed. Officials said the house fire was deliberately set, casting Mr. Stack as the primary suspect. But by that point he was gone, airborne.

[22] “This is a shock to me that he would do something like this,” Mr. Cook said. “But you get your anger up, you do it.”

Reading B  (TV Script)

[1] SARA SIDNER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: And I'm Sara Sidner in for Kiran Chetry. Here are the big stories we'll be telling you about in the next 15 minutes.

[2] We are learning more about the man behind the terror in Austin, Texas. A man whose frustrations with the tax man mushroomed to the point where he set his own house on fire, then took a small plane and crashed it into an office building. We're live in Austin with the latest on the investigation and talking to people who thought they knew the pilot.

[3] ROBERTS: But first this Friday morning, investigators are piecing together new information about a man with a grudge against the government who yesterday climbed into a small plane and flew it into an Austin, Texas, office building that has the local IRS office. So far, two bodies have been recovered. One believed to be the pilot. His name, Joe Stack, a man who apparently battled the government for years, the IRS in particular.

[4] Here's what we found out overnight about Stack. California records show the state suspended his license to do business twice, first for back taxes totaling more than $1,100 and then for not paying them at all. Stack's wife also reportedly complained to her parents about her husband's growing desperation and anger.

[5] Our Ed Lavandera and David Mattingly are both live in Austin, Texas, for us this morning with more on Stack's life and the FBI investigation. Let's start with Ed Lavandera.

[6] What are we learning overnight, Ed?

[7] ED LAVANDERA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, John, what we have learned, obviously the story ended here in this northwest Austin office complex. But to get a sense of how we got here, we retraced Stack's steps through Austin yesterday.


[8] LAVANDERA: The events of the day appear to have started in this neighborhood in north Austin. Joseph Stack owned that red brick home, and neighbors tell us that shortly after 9:00 in the morning, they found it completely engulfed in flames.

[9] (voice-over): The flames shot out of the house intensely. Neighbors rushed to call 911 as they saw Stack's wife and stepdaughter run up to the house. But no one could imagine what was about to unfold across the city.

[10] UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I saw, of course, the flames and the smoke. And a little while later, I saw a little girl crying. She was crying really hard and she ran into my neighbor's house. And it appears to be her mother. It was an older woman. She ran in behind her.

[11] LAVANDERA: From this neighborhood it would be a 20 to 30-minute drive to the airport where Stack's small plane was allegedly waiting for him with a full tank of fuel.

[12] (on camera): This is the Georgetown Municipal airport. Authorities say Joseph Stack took off from here at 9:40 in the morning. He was in a four-feet Piper Cherokee aircraft, and a witness actually told CNN he waved to him as he left the hangar. And the only runway takes off toward Austin right over that tree line.

[13] (voice-over): Sixteen minutes later at 9:56 in the morning, Stack's aircraft emerged on the horizon. The building with nearly 200 employees inside in sight.

[14] (on camera): Witnesses tell CNN that Stack came out of the sky here appearing to aim for a building. He probably would have flown past the home that he owned and seeing it engulfed in flames before the flight ended here, crashing into that building.

[15] UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I saw something fall in the sky and then a big fireball kind of shoot out.

[16] UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The building shook and the lights went off and the lights flashed on. And then the roof came in, it felt like stuff fell on top of us.

[17] LAVANDERA (voice-over): The crash killed the pilot Joseph Stack and one person in the building. Thirteen others were injured, two of those taken to hospitals. Despite an angry online message railing against the IRS, investigators aren't saying what motivated Joseph Stack.

[18] UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I personally consider this a criminal act by a lone individual.

[19] UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How do you make that definition? How do you differentiate domestic terror versus --

[20] UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, it is a person that attacked a building. What his motivations are will be released at a later date.


[21] LAVANDERA: And, John, first responders here have wrapped up their search of the building. As you mentioned at the beginning there, two bodies were recovered from the crash site. They are not confirming the identity of those bodies just yet, but this is now in the hands of the FBI and a massive federal investigation, John.

[22] ROBERTS: All right. Ed Lavandera for us this morning from Austin with the latest. Ed, thanks.

[23] SIDNER: Joe Stack left what essentially reads like a suicide note on his Web site. He railed against the IRS and blamed the government for his financial failures. The six-page rant also gives you some idea of Stack's emotional state before he climbed behind the controls of his plane, describing his actions as long time coming. He writes, quote, "I am finally ready to stop this insanity. Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let's try something different. Take my pound of flesh and sleep well."

[24] So what kind of person was Joe Stack before he seemingly snapped? In that Internet message he used words like desperate, stuck and with a storm raging in his head. But ask his friends, those who thought they knew him really well, and that's not what you'll hear at all.

[25] Our David Mattingly did just that. He's live in Austin this morning. David, is there any sign from anyone that they saw maybe Stack going in and being violent?

[26] DAVID MATTINGLY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Sara, Stack's online complaints suggest he had problems with the IRS for decades but the people who say they thought they knew him well, thought they knew him well, say they never saw this anger in him at all.

Read and fill in the following two tables.

How do the newspaper and TV come to narrate the story?  (20%)




                What are only covered on TV    (10%)


V. Translate the following into Chinese  (  10 points   5¢×2 )

1.      Leaving behind a rant against the government, big business and particularly the tax system, a computer engineer smashed a small aircraft into an office building where nearly 200 employees of the Internal Revenue Service were starting their workday Thursday morning, the authorities said.

2.      We are learning more about the man behind the terror in Austin, Texas. A man whose frustrations with the tax man mushroomed to the point where he set his own house on fire, then took a small plane and crashed it into an office building. We're live in Austin with the latest on the investigation and talking to people who thought they knew the pilot.


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  •  IPY-4へ向ける準備の進み具合
  • 論文誌のJ-STAGE投稿ʍ
  • Journal of Compute
  • 学会誌 (Journal of Co
  • 学会誌JCCJ特集号への投稿締切日の
  • 「化学レポート:現状と将来」
  • 韩语翻译个人简历
  • 九三会所
  • 事態情報附加連体節の中国語表現につい
  • International Bacc
  • HL introduction do
  • コーパスを利用した日本語の複合動詞の
  • 日语分词技术在日语教材开发中的应用构
  • 北極圏環境研究センター活動報告
  • 语用学在翻译中的运用
  • 日汉交替传译小议——从两篇口译试题谈
  • 総合科学専攻における卒業論文(ミニ卒
  • Heroes in August W
  • 玛雅文明-西班牙语论文
  • 西班牙语论文-西班牙旅游美食建筑
  • 八戸工業大学工学部環境建設工学科卒業
  • 親の連れ子として離島の旧家にやって来
  • 「米ソ協定」下の引揚げにおいて
  • タイトル:少子化対策の国際比較
  • メインタイトル:ここに入力。欧数字は
  • 東洋大学工学部環境建設学科卒業論文要
  • IPCar:自動車プローブ情報システ
  • Abrupt Climate Cha
  • Recognition of Eco
  • Complexities of Ch
  • Statistical Analys
  • Dangerous Level o
  • 中日对照新闻稿
  • 俄汉语外来词使用的主要领域对比分析
  • 两种形式的主谓一致
  • 韩语论文大纲修改
  • 중국&#
  • 俄语外来词的同化问题
  • 北海道方言中自发助动词らさる的用法与
  • 论高职英语教育基础性与实用性的有机结
  • 论高职幼师双语口语技能的培养
  • 论高职幼师英语口语技能的培养
  •     自分・この眼&
  • 成蹊大学大学院 経済経営研究科
  • アクア・マイクロ
  • 公共経営研究科修士論文(政策提言論文
  • 基于学习风格的英语学习多媒体课件包
  • 后殖民时期印度英语诗歌管窥
  • 汉语互动致使句的句法生成
  • 笔译价格
  • 携帯TV電話の活用
  • 英語学習におけるノートテイキング方略
  • 強化学習と決定木によるエージェント
  • エージェントの行動様式の学習法
  • 学習エージェントとは
  • 強化学習と決定木学習による汎用エージ
  • 講演概要の書き方
  • 对学生英语上下义语言知识与写作技能的
  • 英汉词汇文化内涵及其翻译
  • 论大学英语教学改革之建构主义理论指导
  • 国内影片片名翻译研究综观及现状
  • 平成13年度経済情報学科特殊研究
  • Comparison of curr
  • 英文论文任务书
  • This project is to
  • the comparison of
  • デジタルペンとRFIDタグを活用した
  • 無資格者無免許・対策関
  • 創刊の辞―医療社会学の通常科学化をめ
  • gastric cancer:ade
  • 揭示政治语篇蕴涵的意识形态
  • 试论专业英语课程项目化改革的可行性
  • 多媒体环境下的英语教学交际化
  • 翻译认知论
  • 读高桥多佳子的《相似形》
  • 以英若诚对“Death of A S
  • 论沈宝基的翻译理论与实践
  • 论语域与文学作品中人物会话的翻译
  • 浅析翻译活动中的文化失衡
  • 谈《傲慢与偏见》的语言艺术
  • 论语言结构差异对翻译实效性的影响
  • 英语传递小句的认知诠释
  • 英语阅读输入的四大误区
  • 在语言选择中构建社会身份
  • 私たちが見た、障害者雇用の今。
  • 震災復興の経済分析
  • 研究面からみた大学の生産性
  • 喫煙行動の経済分析
  • 起業の経済分析
  • 高圧力の科学と技術の最近の進歩
  • 「観光立国」の実現に向けて
  • 資源としてのマグロと日本の動向
  • 揚湯試験結果の概要温泉水の水質の概要
  • 計量史研究執筆要綱 
  • 日中友好中国大学生日本語科卒業論文
  • 제 7 장
  • 전자&
  • 現代國民論、現代皇室論
  • 記紀批判—官人述作論、天皇宗家論
  • 津田的中國觀與亞洲觀
  • 津田思想的形成
  • 反思台灣與中國的津田左右吉研究
  • 遠隔講義 e-learning
  • 和文タイトルは17ポイント,センタリ
  • Design And Impleme
  • Near-surface mount
  • 중국 &
  • 韩国泡菜文化和中国的咸菜文化
  • 무한&#
  • 수시 2
  • 韩流流向世界
  • 무설&#
  • 要想学好韩语首先得学好汉语
  • 사망&#
  • Expression and Bio
  • Increased Nuclear
  • 论女性主义翻译观
  • 健康食品の有効性
  • 日语的敬语表现与日本人的敬语意识
  • 日语拒否的特点及表达
  • Solve World’s Prob
  • 韩汉反身代词“??”和“自己”的对比
  • 韩汉量词句法语义功能对比
  • 浅析日语中的省略现象
  • 浅谈日语中片假名的应用
  • 土木学会論文集の完全版下印刷用和文原
  • 英语语调重音研究综述
  • 英汉语言结构的差异与翻译
  • 平等化政策の現状と課題
  • 日本陸軍航空史航空特攻
  • 商务日语专业毕业生毕业论文选题范围
  • 家庭内暴力の現象について
  • 敬语使用中的禁忌
  • Treatment of high
  • On product quality
  • Functional safety
  • 日文键盘的输入方法
  • 高职高专英语课堂中的提问策略
  • 对高校学生英语口语流利性和正确性的思
  • 二语习得中的文化错误分析及对策探讨
  • 高职英语专业阅读课堂教学氛围的优化对
  • 趣谈英语中的比喻
  • 浅析提高日语国际能力考试听力成绩的对
  • 外语语音偏误认知心理分析
  • 读格林童话《小精灵》有感
  • “新世纪”版高中英语新课教学导入方法
  • 初探大学英语口语测试模式与教学的实证
  • 中加大学生拒绝言语行为的实证研究
  • 目的论与翻译失误研究—珠海市旅游景点
  • 对学生英语上下义语言知识与写作技能的
  • 英语水平对非英语专业研究生语言学习策
  • 英语教学中的文化渗透
  • 中学教师自主学习角色的一项实证研究
  • 叶维廉后期比较文学思想和中诗英译的传
  • 钟玲中诗英译的传递研究和传递实践述评
  • 建构主义和高校德育
  • 论习语的词法地位
  • 广告英语中的修辞欣赏
  • 从奢侈品消费看王尔德及其唯美主义
  • 论隐喻的逆向性
  • 企盼和谐的两性关系——以劳伦斯小说《
  • 论高等教育大众化进程中的大学英语教学
  • 试论《三四郎》的三维世界
  • 李渔的小说批评与曲亭马琴的读本作品
  • 浅谈中国英语的表现特征及存在意义
  • 湖南常德农村中学英语教师师资发展状况
  • 海明威的《向瑞士致敬》和菲茨杰拉德
  • 围绕课文综合训练,培养学生的写作能力
  • 指称晦暗性现象透析
  • 西部地区中学生英语阅读习惯调查
  • 论隐喻的逆向性
  • 认知体验与翻译
  • 试析英诗汉译中的创造性
  • 言语交际中模糊语浅议
  • 认知体验与翻译
  • 关于翻译中的词汇空缺现象及翻译对策
  • 从互文性视角解读《红楼梦》两译本宗教
  • 从目的论看中英动物文化词喻体意象的翻
  • 高校英语语法教学的几点思考
  • 高校体艺类学生外语学习兴趣与动机的研
  • 大学英语自主学习存在的问题及“指导性
  • 从接受美学看文学翻译的纯语言观
  • 《红楼梦》两种英译本中服饰内容的翻译
  • 法语对英语的影响
  • 影响中美抱怨实施策略的情景因素分析
  • 代写需求表
  • 跨文化交际中称赞语的特点及语言表达模
  • 实现文化教育主导外语教育之研究
  • 试论读者变量对英语阅读的影响
  • 从文化的角度看英语词汇中的性别歧视现
  • 合作原则在外贸函电翻译中的运用
  • Default 词义探悉
  • 从图示理论看英汉翻译中的误译
  • 许国璋等外语界老前辈所接受的双语教学
  • “provide” 和 “suppl
  • 由英汉句法对比看长句翻译中的词序处理
  • 1000名富翁的13条致富秘诀中英对
  • 英语中18大激励人心的谚语中英对照
  • 反省女性自身 寻求两性和谐---评
  • 浅析翻译中的“信”
  • 集体迫害范式解读《阿里》
  • 横看成岭侧成峰-从美学批评角度解读《
  • 福柯的话语权及规范化理论解读《最蓝的
  • 播客技术在大学英语教学中的应用
  • 如何在山区中等专业学校英语课堂实施分
  • 奈达与格特翻译理论比较研究
  • 语篇内外的衔接与连贯
  • Economic globaliza
  • 用概念整合理论分析翻译中不同思维模式
  • 英语新闻语篇汉译过程中衔接手段的转换
  • 对易卜生戏剧创作转向的阐释
  • 动词GO语义延伸的认知研究
  • 反思型教师—我国外语教师发展的有效途
  • 输入与输出在词汇学习中的动态统一关系
  • 教育实践指导双方身份认同批判性分析
  • 中英商务文本翻译异化和归化的抉择理据
  • 从艺术结构看《呼啸山庄》
  • 从儒家术语“仁”的翻译论意义的播撒
  • 论隐喻与明喻的异同及其在教学中的启示
  • 话语标记语的语用信息在英汉学习型词典
  • 论森欧外的历史小说
  • 翻译认知论 ——翻译行为本质管窥
  • 中美语文教材设计思路的比较
  • 美国写作训练的特点及思考
  • UP语义伸延的认知视角
  • 成功的关键-The Key to S
  • 杨利伟-Yang Liwei
  • 武汉一个美丽的城市
  • 对儿童来说互联网是危险的?
  • 跨文化交际教学策略与法语教学
  • 试论专业英语课程项目化改革的可行性-
  • 论沈宝基的翻译理论与实践
  • 翻译认知论——翻译行为本质管窥
  • 母爱的虚像 ——读高桥多佳子的《相似
  • 浅析英语广告语言的特点
  • 中国の株価動向分析
  • 日语拒否的特点及表达
  • 日语的敬语表现与日本人的敬语意识
  • 浅析日语中的省略现象
  • 浅谈日语中片假名的应用
  • 浅谈日语敬语的运用法
  • 浅谈日语会话能力的提高
  • ^论日语中的年轻人用语
  • 敬语使用中的禁忌
  • 关于日语中的简略化表达
  • 关于日语的委婉表达
  • The Wonderful Stru
  • Of Love(论爱情)
  • SONY Computer/Notb
  • 从加拿大汉语教学现状看海外汉语教学
  • MLA格式简要规范
  • 浅析翻译类学生理解下的招聘广告
  • 日本大学排名
  • 虎头虎脑
  • 杰克逊涉嫌猥亵男童案首次庭审
  • Throughout his car
  • June 19,1997: Vict
  • 今天你睡了“美容觉”吗?
  • [双语]荷兰橙色统治看台 荷兰球员统
  • Father's Day(异趣父亲节
  • 百佳电影台词排行前25名
  • June 9,1983: Thatc
  • June 8, 1968: Robe
  • 60 players mark bi
  • June 6, 1984: Indi
  • 日本の専門家が漁業資源を警告するのは
  • オーストリア巴馬は模範的な公民に日本
  • 日本のメディアは朝鮮があるいは核実験
  • 世界のバレーボールの日本の32年の始
  • 日本の国債は滑り降りて、取引員と短い
  • 广州紧急“清剿”果子狸
  • 美国“勇气”号登陆火星
  • 第30届冰灯节哈尔滨开幕
  • 美国士兵成为时代周刊2003年度人物
  • BIRD flu fears hav
  • 中国チベット文化週間はマドリードで開
  • 中国チベット文化週間はマドリードで開
  • 中国の重陽の文化の発祥地──河南省西
  • シティバンク:日本の国債は中国の中央
  • イギリスは間もなく中国にブタ肉を輸出
  • 古いものと新しい中国センター姚明の失
  • 中国の陝西は旅行して推薦ӥ
  • 中国の電子は再度元手を割って中国の有